Terms and conditions of service for all SUTHERLAND SHIRE TILING (SST) services. By approving your quote, and employing the services of Sutherland Shire Tiling, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions below.

Payment can be made by CASH or DIRECT DEPOSIT, we also offer EFTPOS facilities via SQUARE.

Payment is due on the day of completion. Late payments will incur interest charges. If your payment is more than 30 days late, we will utilize a debt collection agency to take over the request for payment and you agree that in this circumstance you will pay the full debt collection fee (100% of the debt collectors fee) in addition to the overdue payment plus interest.

We do not offer 7 or 30-day accounts to residential homeowners (real estate and strata permitted)

We make every attempt to keep your pet secure, but take no responsibility for unrestrained pets.

Clients are requested to ensure a spare key is available particularly in apartment buildings where you require a swob to go up or down the lift.

Tradesmen require many vehicle trips during the workday so it is important that we can get in and out of the building freely and have parking close by. If there is no parking close to your property we may be unable to complete the service.

Tiling, waterproofing, silicone and epoxy work general requires 48 hours minimum to ‘settle’ before it can be used. Keep the area clean, dry, and free of traffic for 48 hours or warranty becomes void.

Weather may affect your work – delays are possible during severe thunderstorms or wet weather. Outdoor areas are often delayed due to rain, this includes balconies, any outdoor grouting or re-grouting work, tiling and waterproofing.

Clients are advised we may need to set up electrical tools outdoors and undercover if its raining. We request clients ensure we have access to a powerpoint either directly outside, in a garage or with an extension lead running into the yard or balcony.

For all waterproofing jobs, fresh primer, waterproofing, or at any stage in the project – no touching, walking on, or using the area at all. Allowing pets, other trades, etc to walk on waterproofing voids the warranty or additional charges may apply for additional coats to continue the work with a waterproofing certificate.

Clients are advised to be sure that access to the area will be clear for working. Ensure that your tradesmen will not be ‘working over each other’ to avoid delays.

If we are required to return to the job for incidents surrounding other trades such as another trade breaking or chipping a tile, where the damage is not directly caused by the quality of our work but somebodies neglect, an additional call out fee will be charged at a rate of $95 per hour for the repair work.

Sutherland Shire Tiling takes no responsibility for mould or ‘dirtiness’ of tiles or grout after installation. It is the clients responsibility to keep tiles, grout and silicone clean and free of mould.

It is recommended that you do not use BLEACH in shower recess areas as this can degrade the silicone and eventually lead to leaking showers. We recommend using bleach free mould killers and preventers. Vinegar is a good alternative to bleach for treating some moulds.

Do not apply anything to new tiling or grout or silicone work for 48 hours after completion. Keep all areas dry and clean for 48 hours after completion and do not touch or step on wet grout or silicone.

Our tradesmen believe we clean up incredibly well however as with all construction work there may be some minor dust, etc inside and outside the property that may be unpreventable due to the nature of our work.

SST takes all care, but no responsibility for dust or mess that may occur due to glue, mud/rain, occupational health and safety or general renovation and repair work.

SST takes ALL CARE, but no responsibility for damage due to the work that may be unpreventable and accidental, such as a minor chips, or a small scruff mark on a wall.

We will always do our absolute best to protect your property and belongings, but by employing us we ask you understand that due to the nature of construction work, especially demolition, there are far too many variables to ever make a guarantee regarding the work area, or surrounding property.

Customers are required to provide clear access at the time scheduled for your appointment. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that parking is available for the tradesman to work close by to site, as we have heavy tools and rubbish removal it is difficult to work over long distances.

It is important that all children are kept clear of the work area for safety reasons, we ask that nobody enters the area until completion. For health and safety you can not enter the area without protective clothing, and equipment including: eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, steel cap boots, and under direct supervision.

It is recommended that clients ask the supplier where they got the tiles from for care instructions, and to find out if the tiles and grout need sealing. SST recommends sealing of all splash back tiles to avoid staining and marking from cooking, etc.

It is normal for there to be some minor hazing after grouting on a tile, and we recommend leaving the tiles to dry for 24 hours before cleaning the tile down using a ‘buffing’ circular motion using a DRY MICROFIBRE RAG.

SST takes no responsibility for hazing or staining of tiles, if the client has failed to advise us that the tile is porous, prone to staining or hazing or if special care is required.

SST will not take responsibility where there are changes in tile colour, etc, when beyond our control and unrelated to the quality of our work.

Clients are recommended to think about and advise us of what set out they would like if they don’t want us to choose. Once we begin to lay tiles, the tile choice is final and cannot be changed.

Clients are advised that there are often shade variations in tile boxes and that we will take no responsibility for tiles that do not match original tiles (particularly for repair work and leaking shower repairs).

Clients should ‘mix up’ the tiles from the boxes, if under the manufacturers instructions shade variation may occur.

All of our work carries the full fair trading requirements for warranty including waterproofing certificates.

The warranty is valid as per the fair trading terms and guarantees do not apply for:
• Work affected by movement, building movement or any factors not directly related to the quality of the work as per Australian Standards.
• Work that is damaged due to the weather, natural occurrences or acts of god.
• Work that has not had after care instructions followed, such as walking on/getting wet/etc work for a minimum of 48 hours, and the terms specified in our terms of service or as advised by your technician.
• Any work that has been damaged or altered in any way from its original finish, including the installation of PC items, furniture or cabinetry etc over the tiles.
• Any work that has been specified in the scope of work as not being covered by the warranty and clients are advised to do their own research and make up there own minds in regards to set outs, materials of substrate, surface, subfloor, wall and floor materials, cabinets, and all non-porous surfaces before getting a quote.
• Any work where the owner has been advised its against Australian standards, or that we don’t recommend completion in a particular way but you ask us to proceed.

Unless explicitly stated in the scope of work / quote, SST will not take offcuts of tiles / boxes / rubbish from the renovation or repair and the client is responsible for allocating a spot for the collection of garbage or a skip bin / rubbish bin. If you require a rubbish removal service this incurs additional tip charges and service fee, usually of around 1 hour. We recommend ensuring a skip bin is on site for the work required.

A reminder once again that Sutherland Shire Tiling do not provide 7 or 30 day terms of service to residential home owners and investors and as such payment is due for all jobs on day of completion of the job, with a 48 hour period permitted to allow direct deposit payments to be cleared after being processed before 5PM on day of completion.

Late payments incur additional late payment fees including full debt collector fees (you agree to pay 100% of the debt collector fee if it is required), plus original payment as per the quote / scope of work.