Leaking Shower Sealing

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Leaking Shower Sealing

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There’s no ‘magic potion’ that will miraculously permanently seal your leaking shower without removing tiles on many showers – regardless of what they may tell you..

SEAL only solutions work for a very limited number of showers where everything is in exceptional condition.. and where you can see under the area and be sure there is no serious water damage to the structure of the floor.

Consider the following points when selecting a leaking shower repair company in Sydney.

Are they offering NSW FAIR TRADING Standards in Warranty?
Be wary of any company claiming they can offer you a billion-year warranty when Australian standards state much less. Offering more or less is generally poor business practices and that warranty can come with many terms and conditions to mean that the warranty might not mean all that much.

Will they provide enough coats of waterproofing and use an epoxy based, non-porous grout? The combination of these two methods along with Australian standard tiling and waterproofing guidelines will give you the best chance of successfully sealing your leaking shower.

How is the wall sheeting and sub-floor? Under those tiles you could have rotton timbers and wall sheeting that can’t simply be ‘sealed’ over!

If you have cracks in the tiles in the shower recess, this also can’t just be ‘sealed’.

Who are the contractors that the company will use? and are they individually fully qualified Wall & Floor Tilers in Australia, and do they have the relevant insurances and licenses to protect yourself as a homeowner.

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