Re-Grouting & Silicone Makeovers in Sydney

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Re-Grouting & Silicone Makeovers in Sydney

Re-grout and silicone your tiles and bathroom in Sydney

Sutherland Shire Tiling service Sydney wide and provide re-grouting and silicone repair work to all tiles, showers, laundries, and bathrooms.

Regrouting and grout refresh makeovers make a drastic difference to the tiles, especially if your tiles, grout and silicone is mouldy or discoloured.

  • Things to consider before booking your re-grouting appointment:
  • What size are the tiles?
  • Very small mosaics and small format tiles are impossible to completely remove all grout, often a ‘grout refresh’ is the best choice for tiles that are too small to use a grout removal diamond blade.
  • How solid is the grout and is there grout ‘over-flow’? Some poorly grouted bathrooms simply can’t be repaired without high risk of chipping tiles. This often applies if the grout joints have been over-filled.
  • What colour is the current grout and tiles? It is important to know what colour grout and silicone you want before we begin. Remember: White isn’t just white! There are many variations in shade for white grout and includes ‘ultra bright’ white and ‘off white’.

Be sure to remove any items from the bathroom that you don’t want to get dirty, as grouting is messy work! We recommend removing ALL removable items from the bathroom and putting everything away in draws.

Remember to keep the area completely clear and dry for at least 48 hours to allow the grout to completely cure.

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