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Tiling, Waterproofing & Leaking Shower Solutions


We only use premium grade products that withstand the test of time.


We cater for all budgets, but never sacrifice on quality.


100% Fair Trading Recommended Warranty from our Sydney Tiler. 


Sutherland Shire Tiling & Waterproofing is here to help!

Learn more about our tilers, waterproofing, tiling and leak sealing in our FAQ section. Here are our most frequently asked questions!  We service all areas of Sydney and provide all types of residential wall and floor tiling and waterproofing, including kitchen splash back tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, laundry tiling, bathroom tiling and waterproofing and more.

As fully qualified, licensed and insured tradesmen wall and floor tilers, waterproofing specialists and leaking shower technicians, we have the education and experience to help you find the right solution for the right leak. 

Ready to get started? Call 0488 857 653 to speak direct with our tiling and waterproofing specialist and book in for a free quote & assessment.

When can I book my appointment? What is your availability like?
Sutherland Shire Tiling is generally booked out several weeks in advance. We can often fit in small jobs, and emergency leaking shower repairs quickly, so if your job is urgent we recommend calling us ASAP to book in a quote so that you don’t miss out.

Remember – if your tiler or waterproofer is available “right now”, they might not be the best tiler or waterproofer in the area!

Do I need to re-waterproof my shower, or can we just Seal Leaking Showers?
It is possible to seal a leaking shower with no tile removal, and we will discuss this option with you at the quote. Not all showers are suitable to seal only waterproofing, and there is risk of failure as this is the ‘fast’ method, and not the ‘right’ method.

Some leaking shower sealing companies will try to ‘sell’ you a seal, as they think they can win the business be offering the cheapest option. At Sutherland Shire Tiling, we will tell you the truth about your shower and what you need for a permanent shower seal.

How long until I can use my shower?
We recommend waiting 48 hours MINIMUM before using, touching, stepping on, or getting wet. This applies for all leaking shower repairs, waterproofing and tiling work. Please ask your Sydney tiler if you have any questions regarding how long until an area can be used after your service is complete.

What products do you use?
Sutherland Shire Tiling only use premium, professional grade tiling and waterproofing products including Davco, Mapei, Ardex and more. We never use cheap tile adhesive, waterproofing, grout or silicone and source the best in the business.

What services do you offer?
We offer all tiling and waterproofing services including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, fix leaking shower, fix leaking bath, fix leaking balcony, splash back tiles, all installing all tiles in areas such as Sutherland, Cronulla, Engadine, Heathcote, Hurstville, Kograh, Botany, Coogee, Bondi, Sydney City and all areas around and inbetween Sutherland Shire to Eastern Suburbs.